Saturday, August 2, 2008

how long til vacation, anti taggies

well not alot has gone on this week so i haven't really had anything to blog about. summer continues to be hot and my kids keep asking me how many days until we go to california. we don't go until september 5 or 6 (depending on whether we drive or fly, here's to hoping we can fly!!). we are all anxious for our summer vacation to disneyland, seaworld, and the ocean and swimming pools. we do this vacation every other year so our kids are getting pretty well rehearsed in disney and sea world. and they are still just as excited to go as if it were their first time. they truly are children that came from me. walter never went to disneyland until i took him, i am not sure he gets it, maybe it has to do with being a kid and making those memories then that attach you to disneyland. i don't know really all i know is that i love it just as much as my first memory of it. all i need to make it through disneyland is to have a constant flow of cold coke and i can keep going.

i do i have one thing to moan about and that is taggies, inc. apparently there is a blanket out there that has a patent on the little blanket with ribbons around it. yes, i had no idea there was a blanket like that, i have never seen it anywhere. i saw them made on etsy and thought hey i can make those and maybe earn a little extra money. well apparently they are crazy about their patent and have lawyers constantly looking for people making their own and selling them (which was me). i had two blankets on sale for like 8-10 dollars and they shut me down. guess how much they sell their's for $25 and they don't even look that cute, mine are so much better. anyways i was looking around and found some sites about them and i read a story about someone who was selling them and the taggies people were trying to get her to sell them one so they could sue her. how crazy is that? geez, i am some lowly stay at home mom trying to earn a few bucks and watch out, they will sue me!!! anyways just letting any other crafter out there know about this since i had no idea. there is my gripe for the week. DON'T BUY THE REAL TAGGIES, MAKE YOUR OWN OR I WILL GIVE YOU ONE SINCE I MADE A BUNCH!! much love, marci

i threw this in for a good laugh, we had been walking in vegas all day and the kids were wasted. yes, we take our kids to vegas (gasp) we have ruined them for life!!


KYLe said...

I hate hearing stories like this taggies company... it just boils up inside me and makes me want to scream. It just makes me think of other ways to stick it to the man!! I love a good boycott.

Lisa said...

Thats seriously crazy! Thanks for getting the word out;) Who would've thought.

Ross and Aubrey said...

I'm so excited for your vacation!! I haven't been to Disneyland in years
Boo to taggies!!!

nicmo said...



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